The Lessor leases the car (this also concerns the change of car) specified in the Hire Contract with the reservation of all Standard Hire Conditions, and the Hirer accepts these conditions as constituting the grounds for hire.

1. Hire and return of the car

The car hired to the Hirer is in good condition and free of faults. All claims concerning the condition of the car shall be made to the Lessor at the moment of hire. Placing a signature on the Hire Contract and the “Report on the Technical Condition of the Car” by the Hirer is simultaneously a confirmation of car acceptance without reservations at the time specified in this Hire Contract. The Hirer is obliged to return the car to the Lessor together with the set of documents and equipment, in the condition in which it was hired and in the place and on the day specified in this Contract. The Lessor reserves the right to take the vehicle from the Hirer immediately at the Hirer’s expense if it is found that the use of the car infringes the conditions of the Contract.

2. Damage, loss, theft, etc.

In case of damage, loss, theft of the car or a part thereof, fire or breaking of the windows, the Hirer shall pay the Lessor a compensation for losses resulting from the above incidents and expenses incurred by the Lessor in connection with the damage, including: costs of exchange, repair, reclaim, or settling the decrease of the value of the car, and loss of benefits from the car hire if the Hirer (or a person driving the car without the Lessor’s consent) infringes upon the Standard Conditions of Hire, road traffic regulations (including customs regulations) and insurance regulations.

3. Charges

The Hirer shall pay the Lessor all charges enumerated in the current Car Hire rates. The cost of hire is calculated as the multiple of 24-hour-periods, counting from the commencement of the car hire. If the car is not returned at an appointed place or car return outlet, or if more than 1 hour above the return term agreed upon in the Hire Contract has passed, the Hirer is obliged to pay a fee being an equivalent of a daily hire rate, together with previously purchased additional options. In the case the use of the car is prolonged, the Hirer is obliged to report this fact to the Lessor and obtain his consent 24H before planned car return. The Hirer is obliged to return the car with the fuel level noted in the Hire Contract. Otherwise, the Hirer shall be charged with the cost of missing fuel and maintenance service.

4. Additional fees list

a)making the vehicle available to drive to an unauthorized person 2500 PLN
b)delay in returning the vehicle after prior summons 500 PLN per day
c)unauthorized driving of the vehicle outside of the Republic of Poland 250 PLN per day
d)damage, lack or loss of car key or remote control 2500 PLN
e)towing other vehicles with a rented car 500 PLN
f)lack of registration certificate (if it was given), registration plate or registration sticker on the windshield 300 PLN per element
g)exceeding the inspection deadline, loss of warranty for the vehicle due to the fault of the Renter (person driving the vehicle) 5000 PLN
h)breaking the ban on smoking, drinking alcohol, taking drugs in the car 500 PLN
i)returning the car with unremovable stains on the seats, upholstery, in car boot 500 PLN
j)refuelling the car with the wrong type of fuel 2500 PLN
k)dismantling, replacing a car part or modification, repairs without the consent of the Lessor2000 PLN + the cost of restoring the vehicle to its original condition
l)damage to the aluminium rim 800 PLN for each rim
m)damage to the steel rim 400 PLN for each rim
n)damage or loss of each hubcap 100 PLN for each hubcap
o)fee for early termination of the rental agreement due to the Renter’s fault 100 PLN
p)administrative fee for service of foreign mandate200 PLN
r)administrative fee for polish mandate service 100 PLN
s)fee for vehicle washing service50 PLN
t)preparation of a vehicle repair cost estimate at the customer's request 300 PLN
u)refilling of missing fuel 50 PLN + fuel cost
w)collection of the vehicle from abroad for reasons attributable to the Lessee 3 PLN / km
x)damage occurred during the lease and unsettled in the perpetrator's civil liability insurance (liquidation fee)2900 PLN
y)fee for the destruction of the car interior (upholstery, seats, carpets)1000 PLN + cost of restoring the vehicle to original condition

5. Compensation

The Lessor is responsible only for losses and damages incurred by the Hirer or third parties in connection with the hired car or its use when these losses or damages have been caused by his intentional or large negligence. In all other cases, the Lessor does not accept such responsibility, and the Hirer shall not hold the Lessor responsible for such claims.

6. Conditions of car use

The Hirer is obliged to take special care of the car, and the hired car cannot be used:

a) to transport people or goods in the form of sub-hire;

b) to transport goods and substances which, due to their properties or smell, can temporarily exclude the car from exploitation and / or prevent its further hire;

c) to start or to tow other cars, trailers or other objects;

d) in races, rallies or competitions;

e) when the Hirer or other vehicle driver remains under the influence of alcohol, hallucinogenic medicines, narcotics, barbiturates or other substances impairing his consciousness and reaction capacity;

f) against customs, road traffic or any other regulations in force in the country of use;

g) by persons other than the Hirer unless these persons have been previously accepted by the Lessor by completing personal data concerning them in the place provided for this purpose in the Contract. These persons shall have a driving license for at least a year and fulfil the conditions for the minimum age specified by the Lessor, i.e. 24 years old;

h) outside the borders of the country, without the Lessor’s consent;

7. Insurance

The Hirer shall provide insurance in accordance with the civil liability insurance policy only to the persons who use the car with his consent. This policy is subject to inspection.

8. Damage

The Hirer is responsible for the lack of parts and equipment of the car, as well as any damage. That includes Hirer’s improper use and protection of the car. Repairing the damage from the obligation to return the car in a non-deteriorated condition is made by paying the liquidation fee and other fees specified in the list of additional fees. In the event ifthe damage indicated above in the list of fees (point 4/x), the Lessor may seek supplementary compensation. Hirer may limit his liability in the event of choosing the extended option. Choosing the extended variant, Hirer is released from liability for the damage in full (excluding glass and wheels), unless the damage was caused intentionally or by gross negligence on his part.

9. Accidents, thefts

In the case of an accident, damages of the vehicle and in the case of bodily harm and theft of the vehicle or its part, the police, ambulance service, etc. should be called to the place of the incident, and the Lessor should be notified without delay. The Hirer is obliged to obtain a police report concerning the accident or incident and deliver it to the Lessor.

On the Lessor’s demand, a report on the accident should be drawn up. The Hirer should acquire all data concerning the participants and witnesses of the accident in order to draw up this accident report.

In no circumstances can the Hirer accept claims by third parties. The Hirer is obliged to render assistance to the Lessor in all claims in court cases in connection with the accident or damage.

10. Road traffic regulations, car park fees, infringement of road traffic regulations

The Hirer bears the full responsibility and consequences in case of infringing or not obeying the road traffic regulations, car park fees, and other regulations in force in the period of hire.

11. International driving license

Having an international driving license is obligatory for Hirers who have a driving license issued in countries not named in the Convention of Road Traffic (the Journal of Laws of 24th February 1988).

12. Personal details

By signing this contract the Hirer consents to the processing, updating, making available, and storing his personal details in order to realize this contract, including statistical analyses, amounts due inspection, and the Lessor’s property protection.

13. The seat and jurisdiction of the court

This Hire Contract has been drawn up in accordance with legal regulations in force in the country of the Lessor’s office, and all disputes which may arise in connection with this Contract are subject to settlement by courts of common law, or courts appropriate for these matters in the Lessor’s seat.

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